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The best aesthetic treatments: Basic guide

The main objective of aesthetic treatments is to offer innovative results in order to obtain the effects desired by the client.

In this sense and as a great example, the Mayte Garrido aesthetic clinic in Seville is an aesthetic center where they strive to offer high quality services, with the best professionals and a welcoming atmosphere for the comfort of all clients.



The most popular aesthetic treatments at the Mayte Garrido clinic

Over time, new treatments have been added with the appropriate quality and professionalism. Until now, you can find at least 8 different treatments . Many of them are less invasive compared to traditional techniques.

The capillary graft, goodbye to alopecia!

One of the problems that weakens the confidence of many women is hair loss. Although it is not very common, it is a reality for those who suffer day by day as they lose their incredible hair.

At the Mayte Garrido aesthetic clinic you will find an incredible treatment where hair grafts are applied to fill in the spaces where the hair has stopped growing.

It is carried out as a surgical intervention. However, it is a minimally invasive procedure. Local anesthesia is applied and, at the end of the procedure, the patient can return to normal life within a few days.

Chemical Peeling, Be eternally young!

The chemical peel procedure is painless, a great advantage! It is intended to remove damaged layers of skin to reveal the smoothest, softest, blemish-free layer.

Through different chemical solutions, maximum exfoliation and renewal of the skin surface will be achieved. The presence of collagen favors this technique. In addition, it removes all dead cells and with them the spots or small wrinkles.

Depending on the type of skin and the needs of the patient, the application is carried out in various ways, it can be superficial, medium or deep. Various types of acids adjusted to the needs of each skin are used.

Cavitation, Lose weight and say goodbye to cellulite!

One of the non-invasive treatments in this clinic is this because it is completely painless and efficient. Low-frequency ultrasound waves are used to produce vacuum microbubbles in the fatty areas.

The mission is to subject the fat to great pressure to break the fat cells and the fat will no longer be solid to become liquid. In this way, it is easier to eliminate through lymphatic massage or through urine.

It is an effective treatment in different parts of the body, but where the best results are obtained is in the legs, buttocks and abdomen. It is usually a great recommendation for those who have localized fat and cannot eliminate it.

Hyaluronic Acid, A well hydrated and smooth skin!

Surely, you have heard about this wonderful product for many, especially for those who want to stay young and hydrated. It is a great ally to combat skin aging by eliminating the dreaded lumps under the eyes.