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Tips to take care of your intestinal flora

Tips to take care of your intestinal flora

Most of us do not take care of our intestinal flora as we should; Excessive consumption of antibiotics and following inappropriate behaviors can weaken it more than it seems.

Megalevure is a drug that helps balance the intestinal flora . It stands out for its high contribution of vitamin D3 capable of boosting the immune system, which will increase its resistance to infections, viruses, dietary changes and any change that could be harmful to the microbial ecosystem.


In addition to using this product, we are going to give you some guidelines that will allow you to start taking care of it:

The best tips to take care of your intestinal flora

1.      Reinforce the consumption of fruits and vegetables

The first thing you should do is increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables to strengthen the immune response and facilitate digestion.

The consumption of these foods helps to regulate the pH of the stomach and prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria .

This is a list of the most recommended fruits and vegetables to stimulate the growth and activity of the bacterial flora: spinach, garlic, onion, banana, corn, apples and artichokes .

2.      Incorporate foods with high fiber content

Fruits and vegetables themselves have a high proportion of fiber. However, it is important to reinforce your intake with other foods, such as legumes, whole grains and nuts . Eating these foods regularly could ensure that the energy substrate that the bacteria in the intestine will receive will be adequate.

These compounds ensure that the movement of the intestines will be adequate, while facilitating the elimination of waste .

3.      Hydrate yourself properly

Adequate water consumption also has a lot to say about taking care of your intestinal flora. This improves the environment that the good bacteria in your body need to proliferate and survive.

Drinking enough water facilitates detoxification and lubricates the intestine , thus achieving the expulsion of waste that destabilizes the pH level.

4.      Reduce the consumption of animal proteins

Although it is true that animal proteins should not be missing from our diet (because they provide energy to the body, in addition to increasing the mass of our muscles), they are difficult to digest and increase the workload of the intestine .

Whenever possible, it is recommended to limit the consumption of animal proteins; Instead, protein should be obtained from plant sources, such as seeds, legumes or soybeans .

5.      The importance of correct hand hygiene

Hands are usually the dirtiest part of our body because they touch everything; They are full of microorganisms that can harm the body in many ways.

For this reason, wash them before eating, after going to the bathroom and in those most delicate moments . This simple gesture can help you keep your intestinal flora in good condition.

Follow these tips and you will see how you can keep it in perfect condition.