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The lips are located in the center of the face and are an important point of perception of beauty. The upper lip lift is a minimally invasive technique to rejuvenate the upper lip.

Your goal is lift and shorten the upper lip.

Other signs of aging of the upper lip in addition to its lengthening are the following.

  1. It is made thinner by atrophy of its structures.
  2. It loses the shape of its filters and cupid's bow.
  3. Wrinkles appear.

For this reason, lip rejuvenation is multifactorial.

Carbon dioxide laser plus rich plasma

The Carbon Dioxide laser attenuates or eliminates aesthetic wrinkles and stimulates collagen. Together with this procedure we place a large amount of stem cells, which are growth and rejuvenation factors.

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Filled with hyaluronic acid

They are extraordinary to give shape and aesthetic harmony and reduce static wrinkles.

Its results are always natural and patients are happy with the results that are seen immediately.

Duration 14 months.

Results before and after

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Botulinum toxin use

If the lip has a "barcode" when it speaks, the way to improve it is to place a few small droplets of botulinum toxin.

The upper lip lift is performed by the Dr. Ricardo Hoogstra at the branch rocking horse.

The cost of treatment with botulinum toxin is $ 85.000

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